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Most Common Cleaning Mistakes Homeowners Make

Updated: Apr 6

The satisfaction of a tidy home is something we can all relate to. Even the busiest day may seem easier when you know your house is sparkling clean. However, we occasionally make typical cleaning mistakes in our rush to make our house sparkle. Here are several cleaning mistakes that you may be committing and and that we should avoid.

1. Failure To Clean Before Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. Understanding this difference will determine how well your ease of cleaning. While disinfection uses detergents that destroy the germs, cleaning physically removes them from the surface. Cleaning is a crucial initial step because if the area has dust or dirt, and or stains. The disinfectant cannot be able to tackle the bacteria efficiently. Ensure the surface does not have dirt or any residue before applying the disinfecting spray.

2. Using the Same Cloth to Clean the House Throughout

Even though it seems more effective and economical, using the same cleaning cloth in all the rooms in the house is a great way to spread dirt. For instance, you may not want germs from your restroom to land on the kitchen countertops. Choose the type of cloth to use in various rooms and wash them frequently. Additionally, if you are using disposable wipes, you should dispose of them immediately.

3. Not Treating Stains Beforehand

What is your initial reaction when spotting a stain on a surface? Probably scrubbing. However, it would be best if you started by treating the stain. This will ease the stain removal. Put a tiny quantity of stain remover on the stain and allow it some time to act on it as we do it on clothes. Thereafter, wash it away, then rinse it with clean water.

4. Completing The Job Quickly

Let’s be honest about this. Nobody enjoys cleaning. We mostly do this to return to the activities we genuinely like and have fun. However, when you hasten the cleaning, it causes more issues than fixes. It would be best if you always devoted enough time to cleaning your house thoroughly. As a result, you will be able to notice the stains and remove the stubborn dirt on your floor or any other surfaces.

5. Allowing Some Places to Slip Under the Radar

Regardless of your hard work, cleaning frequently needs to catch up on some areas. Even worse, many of these surfaces are frequently touched surfaces that might retain germs and transfer them upon contact. In other places, like basements, dust accumulation can build up and aggravate allergy problems. Additionally, always remember to clean the doorknobs, light switches, and remotes. If there are any plants in the house with air ventilation, remember to clean them too.

6. Using Too Many Cleaning Detergents

When cleaning, less is always better. Therefore, use one or two cleaning detergents and avoid mixing them. It might be harmful to use excessive amounts of a cleaning agent. Furthermore, see the appropriate quantity specified on the label. And resist the urge to use extra simply since you believe it will result in better cleaning.

7. Using The Incorrect Cleaning Products

Cleaning materials are all made for different purposes. You might reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning efforts by employing the incorrect cleaning materials. For instance, granite tables may be damaged by using abrasive chemical cleaning technician on their fragile top. As a result, you need to clean each surface with its specific detergent for better results.


Companies like Metla Cleaning offering San Diego house cleaning services always know how to apply the right quantity of cleaning detergents to do the cleaning without wasting it or harming the surrounding area. Householders must keep in mind that in certain situations, more isn’t necessarily better. Oversupply will only result in us working even more in the long run.

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