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Lockout Policy

We appreciate the value of time and try to respect yours as well as our cleaning technician’ time as much as possible. We ask that you always remember to leave keys in the place discussed prior to services commencing or have someone present at the home to let your cleaner in. SMS reminders are sent 24 hours before cleans to help prevent a lockout from happening as it is understandably frustrating for a cleaner to travel to your home only to find they cannot get in. 

When the cleaner arrives and cannot find a way into the home, we will immediately try to get in contact with the person(s) responsible via phone and/or email. If we cannot reach the person(s) responsible within 15 minutes, a full lockout fee will apply. We understand if you may be running late due to a school drop-off, work commitments, etc.

However, if contact is made and the cleaner is eventually able to get into the home within 30 minutes, regular cleaning will ensue, However, we will need to include a $25 fee to compensate for lost time.

The full lockout fee is equal to 75% of the service cost up to $150.

This fee is used as compensation for the cleaner’s tie, travel, and lost income.

Late Cancellation Policy

We are fully committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience to our customers and workers, and to stay true to this, certain policies are necessary to keep operations running smoothly. Adequate notice of cancellation is required for us to rearrange our calendar and give other customers enough time to reschedule into a cancelled appointment slot. 

When an appointment is cancelled on short notice, it leaves a gap in our schedule that another customer could have used, and takes needed income away from our staff. The cancellation fee is used to compensate a cleaner’s lost earnings for that day.

If you’re one of our regular customers and have little to no history of late cancellations, we will likely waive any cancellation fee if given adequate notice. We understand certain situations can be out of your control, such as sickness, injury, or a personal tragedy.

We’ll always try to work with you to reschedule an appointment when needed. If you need to reschedule an appointment on short notice and we can reschedule you to another day or time slot that is suitable for both parties, no fee will be applied.

Cancellation fees:

If less than 24 hours of notice is given, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total service cost up to $150 is applied.

Cancellation fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

If there is no card on file, you will be invoiced electronically and expected to pay the cancellation fee before your next scheduled service.    

Failure to pay a cancellation fee will result in your recurring service being terminated.

Of course, we hope to never need to apply these cancellation fees and will always try to come to a compromise if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Payment Policy

One-off, vacate, and initial cleans:

For all one-off, vacate, and initial cleans, we ask for payment in full the day before cleaning or a 50% deposit before cleaning and the balance to be paid on the day of the scheduled service if the person(s) making the payment will be at the property.

Regular house cleans:

For regular weekly/fortnightly house cleaning, it is required that you pay your invoice within 24 hours to avoid late fees. After this 24 hour time period, we will add a charge of 5% of the initial cost on top of the invoice every day until it is paid.

If an invoice has not been paid after 21 days, it will be forwarded to a collection agency.

This policy may differ for commercial accounts.