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Top Cleaning Tips & Tricks for A Bright Home

Updated: Feb 23

Several cleaning tricks will make your house look sparkling. Other techniques are easier and more efficient. Therefore, to keep your house exceptionally clean, you must go through certain steps. However, most individuals are simply seeking the best cleaning advice to enable them to clean quickly and less regularly. Fortunately, we can distinguish between reality and fiction when cleaning, allowing you to have a brighter home with little effort. As we specialize in house cleaning services in San Diego, we have compiled a list of expert tips to help you clean your home more quickly and maintain it all day long.

1. Keeping Away Dirty Clothes

Start by picking up the dirty clothes and putting them in a clothes hamper. After doing this, you’ll have a clear view of the floor. Additionally, ensure that you put the hamper in an open place where you can reach it when you are in a hurry.

2. Clean Windows and Mirrors.

Make sure no specks or scratches are blocking your vision from the light coming through your windows. Clean all the glass-paned windows and doors using a losing skid solution. Ensure that you clean if you have children or pets, including the lower parts of the window and doors. Why should you do that? The children and pets usually touch the panes leaving tiny paws and fingerprints that you ought to clean.

3. Clean up the Refrigerator

The leftover food and material decompose if left in the refrigerator for several days consecutively. You are advised to remove all the decomposed foods in your refrigerator regularly. It would be best if you always did this at least weekly. Moreover, you also spend less time and energy putting your grocery list into action. Smart scheduling is essential, so do it on preferable compost or garbage night.

4. Keep Your Garbage Disposal Smelling Great.

Stinking garbage disposal is one of the most unattractive things there is. Look for a suitable cleaning tip and make it your favorite. For instance, you can add salt water to lemon slices and freeze them to get lemon cubes. Later, spin your garbage disposal until all of the ice is gone after dropping the cubes into the drain. Whereas ice aids in removing any dirt and filth, rock salt cleanses the blades. Lastly, the lemon keeps the fragrance of your sink fresh.

5. Clean the Ceiling Fans With a Duster

Nothing feels more awkward than putting on a ceiling fan and seeing a guest’s or even your head covered in huge flakes of dust. Clean the fan as well as the fan blades during your cleaning. Use a soft cleanser if necessary. Before changing any light fixtures, remove everything and give them a gentle wash and dry.

6. Dust the sofas and chairs.

To clean the nooks and crannies of the sofa, use an attachment for your vacuum cleaner. Verify that your lost things have yet to make it into the couch’s crevice. Clean all the sleep covers and decorative cushions in the living room. If necessary, clean the stained chair and sofa surface with an upholstery attachment on a rug shampoo machine. Use upholstery spot cleaner for minor cleaning needs. However, test first at a covert location.

7. Clean the Rugs, Carpets, and Doormats.

Consider hiring a house cleaning professional if you need recurring cleaning periodically for your carpets, doormats, and rugs are dirty. Additionally, you may rent cleaning equipment. Treatment and brushing may be sufficient if the carpets are just moderately dirty. Clean the doormats. Take necessary steps to prevent shoes from tracking mat dirt inside your house. To safeguard your carpets, check and verify that the mats remain in great shape.

Don’t Hold out for Perfection

It takes a lot of effort to keep a house spotless and bright. Time is a valuable commodity for families, especially those working long hours, driving kids to school, having many obligations at home, wanting to attend social events, spending time with loved ones, and, lastly, needing some basic quiet time. Adopting reasonable standards for your home’s cleanliness can help you maintain order in your life and your surroundings.

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