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The most convenient time slots fill up fast, call now to get the one that you want.


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Sparkling Homes, Stress-Free You.

Elevate Your Living Space With Our Professional House Cleaning Services

A person’s home can be an essential aspect of their life, providing a sense of belonging, security, and identity. It is where they can be themselves and find solace in times of difficulty or stress. It is also where memories are created and extraordinary moments take place; thus, it is imperative to feel comfortable in your own home in San Diego. A big part of feeling comfortable in your home is to have a sense of safety and security. However, an even more significant part that many homeowners may overlook is their homes’ cleanliness.

At Metla House Cleaning San Diego, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive solutions for all your house cleaning needs. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for expert cleaning services or seeking valuable tips to maintain a clean and organized space, you’ve come to the right place as we offer high quality cleaning services in San Diego.

House Cleaning Services

Tailored Cleaning for 
Every Space

When it comes to keeping your home clean in San Diego, we know it’s difficult to find house cleaning services that can be trusted. That’s why we have the right solution; in fact, we’ve got the best solution! We can customize any one of our services to best fit the needs of the cleaning for your home. Our team prides itself on helping keep your home squeaky clean; plus, we’ve earned an excellent reputation for being house cleaning technician that deliver exceptional quality service without anyone having to look over our shoulders.

Our house cleaning services are designed to cater to your unique requirements. We specialize in both residential and commercial cleaning, ensuring that your living and work environments are spotless and inviting.



We offer a premium maid and cleaning service in San Diego and nearby cities that does not break the bank.

As a house cleaning company, we have special tools, like steam cleaning technician, Power scrubbers and carpet cleaning machines doing a fantastic job cleaning. As well we use eco friendly supplies to make sure your home is clean and healthy.

As a customer-centric business, we are here to answer any questions you might have and are open to receiving feedback and helping clients. With over a decade of experience operating in the cleaning industry and in the city and with dozens of clients, you can be assured of an excellent service.

Cleaning Services

Standard Clean

Our routine cleaning services keep your home consistently tidy.

Deep Clean

Rejuvenate your living spaces with our thorough deep cleaning.

Carpet Clean

Keep your fabrics and carpets looking like new with our carpet cleaning.

Move In/Out Clean

Make your transitions seamless with our move-in and move-out cleaning expertise.

Post Construction Clean

Finished with a remodel and need it cleaned up? Metla is here for you.

Vacation Rental Clean

Whatever property you rent, you can trust Metal to give it the clean it deserves for new guests.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Step 2

Set Your Schedule

At Metla House Cleaning in San Diego, we’ll work around your schedule to ensure that our cleaning process is as convenient for you as possible. The most convenient time slots fill up fast, Call Now to get the one that you want.

Step 3

Enjoy Your Clean home

When you hire our professional cleaning service, we offer reliable cleaning service, high quality cleaning,
you get a clean home with no stress or worry about having to find time for the work yourself. That means more relaxing and family time!

Home Sweet Home

Experience San Diego’s Best House Cleaning

The most convenient time slots fill up fast, call now to get the one that you want.

Why Do Home Owners in San Diego Love Us?

Honest & Reliable
Extra Services
Service & Excellence
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Are Committed to The following:

  • Providing The Best Service

    We are one of the few registered house cleaning services managed by an agency. Not only does that mean that you will always be delivered quality work, but also that there are checks and balances in place to make things happen. This also means that you always have a maid at your home on time doing what they were tasked with, no questions asked.

  • Cleaning Staff that you and we can trust

    As an agency, we have strict screening procedures for all applicants. That’s why not only are we fully aware of every maid’s background but also that they can be trusted with your personal property. In other words, we go beyond and offer home cleaning services that can be trusted.

  • Your satisfaction is our priority

    Customer satisfaction is the foundation of what we want to achieve. That’s why we strive to ensure that our service satisfies your needs and will continue to do so reliably.

  • 24hr Reclean Policy


    After every clean the client has to do a walk through, they will be charged only if they approve the job. Alternatively if it is an airbnb or a client is not home we can provide a very detailed photo report at the end of the clean. If the client is still not happy we will send someone FOR FREE to fix any mistakes if they have reached out within 24h after clean. Here you can also stress that we are LICENSED BONDED and INSURED

Highly dependable individuals

We have some of the best, most experienced professionals working for us. These are the best people for working individuals who don’t have the time to maintain and clean their homes.

You have more time to spend with the family

Most people complain that they don’t have family time because of their busy schedule. Fortunately, our maid service provides an amazing job cleaning your home. This will save you hours of work each week, which is time you can spend with the family.

Take a few days off to recover from an illness

Even the best of us will get ill, and when that happens, it is imperative that we rest. However, with us helping clean and tidy up the house, that’s one less thing to worry about. This way, you will have a sparkling clean home even when you are sick.

An Affordable Cleaning Service

You can hire us when you need a clean home or an extra hand. Our home cleaner will be there whenever you ask, ready to work. There is no mandatory monthly payment because you only pay when you need to get the house cleaned.

General San Diego House Cleaning

This regular cleaning will include cleaning your whole house i.e., the floors, windows, bathrooms, walls, ceiling and kitchen etc. In other words, we leave no place untouched. ​

Deep Cleaning Service

Usually deep cleaning service, will consist of everything as the above, and any hidden spots in the house will be a deep cleaning house. Deep clean can be sure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly clean.

Recurring Cleaning

This is also called maintenance cleaning and aims to keep your home in spotless condition. The service aims to prevent allergens, germs and other particles from reproducing in your home.

Moving in/Out Cleaning

This is also called maintenance cleaning and aims to keep your home in spotless condition. The service aims to prevent allergens, germs and other particles from reproducing in your home.

Post Construction Cleaninig

Usually, building and construction work can lead to a lot of debris, dust and other rubbish that needs to be cleaned. Fortunately, our service will cover this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Here Are a Few Reasons


Our maid services are also one of the most preferred mainly because so many people are happy with our work. Plus, we help many people save time and money because they don’t have to hire a maid to take care of their daily cleaning needs. Plus, our team can be trusted because every cleaning specialist has been closely vetted. So, there is no reason to hire a maid when you can call our professional cleaning company to book one. We are a top house cleaning services in San Diego.

Best San Diego Cleaning Company

San Diego, located in California, is known for its laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Its diverse community and sunny beaches, which attract surfers, contribute to its reputation as a picturesque city.

San Diego has a strong Mexican influence and a lively downtown area. With a population of around 1.5 million and numerous activities and attractions, it is no surprise that residents of San Diego may need assistance with maintaining clean homes and that is where our high quality cleaning services come in!


We Make Your San Diego Home Sparkling Clean

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Can I book cleaning with short notice?

Depending on the availability we can accommodate bookings as soon as same day

Which days of the week are best for home cleaning?

The best days are the ones when you need the house cleaned. For most working people, it will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, you can schedule it whenever you are available.

Why shouldn’t I hire an independent cleaner?

Although there is no law against it unless the person you are hiring is vetted, you are opening your home to a stranger. Furthermore, you have no idea of how good of a job they may do because they don’t have reviews or references, for that matter. Our home cleaning services are secure, and our amazing team brings their own equipment.

What type of cleaning do you offer?

We provide variety of services in San Diego:

Standard Clean

Deep Clean

Moving Clean

Post Construction Clean

Vacation Rental Clean

Apartment Cleaning Services

Short Term Rental Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t see the service you are looking for? Give us a call! We love to work with our clients needs!

Do you bring all the necessary equipment and solutions?

Yes! Our San Diego cleaning technician have everything they need. However, if you prefer, you can provide cleaning products and cleaning solutions that you want our cleaning technician to use!

How long should a full house clean take?

Cleaning time greatly varies on the size of the house, its condition and type of service requested. For example: 500-800 sq f house Standard Clean – around 3h Deep Clean – 5-7 hours Move out – 7-8 hours

How do cleaning technicians clean so fast?

Our San Diego cleaning technicians have a lot of experience! Knowing which products to use, the best order of cleaning and simply having good equipment helps our cleaning technician get a lot of work done in a very short time!

What is the difference between house cleaner and house keeper?

Nowadays, those terns are interchangeable! If you are looking to get your home cleaned, both searches will work!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we have a necessary license as well as general liability coverage!

Do I need to be home during the clean?

This is entirely up to a customer. Whatever is more comfortable!

Types of Cleaning

What is a Standard Clean?

Standard clean, also referred as light cleaning, is designed to maintain cleanliness of your home. Great for homes that have a reoccurring service!It will include but not limited to:

All surface areas sanitized (counters, sinks, outsides of cabinets)

Stove Top


Outsides of Appliances

Dusting common areas & bedrooms

Toilets Tubs/Shower doors

All floors vacuumed and mopped or steam mopped if necessary

Trash is taken out

What is a Deep Clean?

Deep Clean is the one that you need to get your home to the ideal state.

If you have’nt had your home professionally cleaned lately

If you are too busy to maintain cleanliness level

if your house is in a bad condition

Than Deep Clean is the right choice for you!

It will include but not limited to:

Insides all cabinets and drawers

Inside Fridge/Freezer

Inside Oven

inside Microwave



Window sills/tracks

Ceiling fans

Patio sweeping (if applicable)

Sliding glass doors

Light switches


Plus everything from our Standard Clean

Can I have a partial Deep Clean?

Absolutely! Just tell us what you need to be done and we will find a perfect solution for you!

Can you help with organizing or laundry?

We can help you wash bed sheets if you have laundry on sight. We can also help you with organizing things, just let us know in advance


What does standard cleaning generally cost in San Diego?

To us, transparency is a big deal, which is why our prices are stated upfront. However, what house cleaning will cost depends on the number of bedrooms, living rooms, the size of your home and its condition. A larger and dirtier home will cost more than one that’s relatively tidy.

How and When do I pay for service?

We accept card/zelle/venmo/check or cash. We ask our clients to add a card to their profile through a secure link to confirm the booking. We will charge the card only after the clean.

Can I tip cleaning technician in cash?

Tips are always welcome, give it in cash or simply tell us how much you would love to add to the charge after your clean is done!

Are there any discounts for a reoccurring service?

Yes! We give up to 30% off for a reoccurring service. The more frequent your service is the bigger the discount we will give!

What Your Neighbors Say

Based on 31 reviews
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers
December 28, 2023
Impressed with the deep cleaning in my Gaslamp Quarter apartment. Super clean and efficient!
karim joe
karim joe
December 6, 2023
The quality of work was amazing! Highly recommend them
Charles Armstrong
Charles Armstrong
November 9, 2023
I trust Metla House Cleaning for all my cleaning needs. Their Carpet Cleaning service was impeccable.
Brian Garrett
Brian Garrett
November 8, 2023
Metla House Cleaning is my go-to for Deep Cleaning. Their attention to detail is unmatched.
Jeremy Greene
Jeremy Greene
November 8, 2023
The Standard Cleaning by Metla House Cleaning exceeded my expectations. Everything was meticulously cleaned.
Max Gilsenan
Max Gilsenan
October 24, 2023
I own a vacation rental in San Diego and have been using Metla for cleaning between guests. Their team is a lifesaver. They use software to sync with my rental calendar so we never miss a clean, which makes communication a lot easier and ensures the place is spotless and ready for the next guests on time. Dealing with Nick, their manager, has always been smooth, and their flexibility with scheduling is a big plus. Highly Recommend!
Irma Duran
Irma Duran
October 16, 2023
Best company I've ever used! Owners are so kind ad workd with my unique situation!
N H (Natetdot)
N H (Natetdot)
October 15, 2023
Booking the clean was easy. The clearners showed up on time and did a fantastic job. I would use them again. Worth every penny!
Aura Martin
Aura Martin
October 6, 2023
Fabulous quality of work and customer service. Cleaner came on time, was respectful, and did a wonderful job. Paid special attention to any problem areas we mentioned. Easy to book, lots of availability, super communicative, and great follow up!
Анастасия Суп
Анастасия Суп
October 5, 2023
Metla has been cleaning my house for over a year and I’ve been so shocked at their consistency and reliability!! Will continue using them for the foreseeable future!